Heavy Metal History: The Podcast

Heavy Metal History is a weekly podcast that goes through the chronological history of the Heavy Metal genre, occasionally with guests from the genre to discuss various influences and histories. Heavy Metal History is hosted by Dustin and Matt, two guys that live across the world from each other sharing the savage and unique history of the most intense and aggressive music ever invented. HEAVY METAL!

Episode #68 June 1998

Welcome to this weeks episode of Heavy Metal History, after a brief hiatus the podcast is back to bring you more on the history of the genre with a renewed vigor! On this episode we dissect June of 1998. A month that brought New York Hardcore to the forefront, a legacy band writes an album they ended up hating because of the coming trend of Nu Metal, a tech death masterpiece would be written in 1993 but wouldn’t see release until 5 years later, southern doom metal, a side project of one of the biggest black metal bands, a virtuoso guitar player, more Metalcore is birthed into the world and the rise of Nu Metal!

Albums we discussed:

  • Madball - "Look My Way"

  • Slayer - "Diabolus in Musica"

  • Gorguts - "Obscura"

  • Alabama Thunderpussy - "Rise Again"

  • Old Man's Child "Ill Natured Spiritual Invasion"

  • Yngwie Malmsteen – “Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar

  • Coalesce - "Functioning on Impatience"

  • System of a Down - "Self Titled"